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The whole Reiki healing system consists of:

Training in three or more levels

First Degree, Second Degree and Third Degree or Reiki Master (a rough translation of 'Sensei' 'respected teacher' in Japanese)

The origins and history of Reiki

Reiki is a holistic (whole body) healing system originally devised by a Japanese priest - Dr Mikao Usui in the 1920s, who rediscovered a way of channelling healing energy after a meditation retreat on Mount Kurama, during which he received a spiritual empowerment and achieved enlightenment, Dr Usui dedicated the rest of his life to the development of the Reiki healing system and to treating people with this healing energy. During this time Dr Usui passed his teachings on to Dr Chujino Hayashi who in turn passed this knowledge to Mrs Hawayo Takata who opened the first Reiki clinic in the west in 1937.

Spiritual principles for living

Dr Usui taught his students principles for living a good life, sometimes called the Reiki ideals or Reiki Precepts, they are ;

  • 1. Just for today do not anger
  • 2. Just for today do not worry
  • 3. Honour your parents, teachers and elders
  • 4. Earn your living honestly
  • 5. Show gratitude for every living thing

The method of acquiring the ability to use Reiki ( the Attunements)

The way in which we access Reiki is to undergo a process called an 'attunement' sometimes referred to as an 'initiation' (initiate means to begin) the student is attuned to (means to bring into harmony with) the unique energetic vibrations of the Reiki spiritual healing energy, enabling them to access Reiki easily and simply, after which there are no complicated rituals to follow as energy follows thought, so once you are attuned simply thinking you want to use Reiki 'switches it on'

Instruction in how to apply to apply Reiki with the hands for treatments on your self, other people and animals;

A Reiki treatment is performed by an attuned Reiki practitioner, the recipient remains fully clothed and lies on a therapy couch or sits on a chair and relaxes. The practitioner then gently places their hands non- intrusively, on or near the body in a sequence of positions, there is no pressure, massage or manipulation

A number of symbols (shapes) and mantras (sacred words) that can be used to enhance Reiki's effectiveness

Although students are attuned to these in the first Degree, these symbols are confidential to Reiki practitioners and actually taught to students in the Second and Third Degree of Reiki

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