Testimonials - Reflexology

An excellent treatment, my shoulders felt tense today after a workout and Jayne picked up on this, I now feel completely relaxed and tension has gone.
Lovely treatment- again, my feet are not puffy anymore and I feel lovely and relaxed, a very competent and professional therapist.
I don't usually like my feet being touched but Jayne's treatment was gentle and comforting, she gave full explanations of what she was doing, I would definitely recommend and will have more treatments in the future, and would happily book in for more.
I suffer with restless leg syndrome and therefore sleep problems; I have a good night's sleep after the treatments and would recommend, I find reflexology treatments very soothing and relaxing.
I have found all of my sessions very relaxing, Jayne is both professional and welcoming and I experience much improvement in my symptoms.
Very relaxing and pleasant, I found the treatment to be very therapeutic and recommend Jayne as a therapist.
The nature of my occupation gives me back and shoulder problems, I was very impressed with how the reflexology relaxed my back and shoulders, as the treatments progressed it improved week on week – quite amazing and Jayne made me feel so relaxed and comfortable.
I find the reflexology treatment very relaxing and it has been very beneficial, my feet are no longer swollen and my back is pain free now, a lovely treatment and most enjoyable.
This was my first experience of reflexology and as such the treatment was explained in a clear and professional manner, the general ambiance and treatment was relaxing and calming. Overall I found the treatment beneficial and relaxing.
Following my treatment I felt more relaxed, and my feet felt warmer as my circulation often leaves them cold, I will be booking in more treatments with Jayne.
I was new to reflexology but have found it very relaxing and the tenseness in my shoulders has now gone completely – definitely recommend.
I found my therapist Jayne to be very welcoming and relaxed, which made the whole experience for me absolutely wonderful, her professional approach, her knowledge and kindness went such a long way to making it enjoyable and very worthwhile.
Jayne is very knowledgeable with a professional approach, she made me feel very comfortable and I found the treatment very relaxing.
My reason for having a treatment was stress relief and I left feeling very relaxed and much less tense, I was also amazed at Jayne's ability to detect the problems I have with my lower back! A fantastic treatment that i highly recommend.